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When love comes a callin'

One day, I was looking in my bathroom mirror,

I felt a sudden urge to break all the windows

and punch my self. ALL BECAUSE NO BOYS




Then suddenly.....George called.


he came for me.

well, not really. He actually just called. BUT IT WAS THE MOST GLORIOUS CALL EVER. He asked me for my foundations honors homework packet answers. so we talked about dumb math, and then I asked him if hed ever kissed a girl before. and he hadnt, so I hung up.


The next day at school I saw him at his locker so I kissed him.

I said, "Hey. now youve been kissed"

and then I went and hung out with my boyfriend, who was a huge jerk off because he wouldnt quit hitting on our spanish teacher.

so I broke up with him.


Me and George have been dating now for 2 whole months. Were getting married just as soon as he drops out of highschool and joins his uncle in the auto painting industry. I currently have a lovely baby girl 4 months on the way. George waited a while to ask me out, but I still love him.

Infact, I love him so much, that I wiretapped all his phones just so I can save him from the FBI. or the men in black,

hes an illegal alien, but I dont care. Ill run from all the border patrol in the earth just to stay with him.



Recently, George and I have considered trying to get pregnant with a second child but sadly, we have failed. Im still pregnant with my first and

were hoping that by trying as hard as we did for the second that we didnt

mess up the first. I think were in good hand though. I've never been able to understand anything George has said to me, i dont understand Spanish but soon we will hire a translator for our cozy room/cupboard living situation in my parents house. My parents are not fully aware that im pregnant or that ive ever had a boyfriend. They think that at night when im talking that i just talk to myself.  Im not planning on telling my parents about any of this, and im hoping that our home delivery of our baby and the help of Georges doctor/auto mechanic skills will pay off. We will see.



This year alot has gone on. I met the love of my life George and were still hiding from the police. Math still sucks and i cant wait to graduate from the 8th grade!



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