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The unexpected fall for you

       I always thought that love stories were just in books....


  it all began when i was about nine my house had this huge backyard gigantic in fact. This boy moved in next door he was really annoying i could hardly stand him and that skateboard of his! we always fought despite the fact i was younger a year we kept fighting.One day i told him i 'hated' him and i wish he would disappear. Four days later i didn't see him even at school.


  I even began to miss him and that stupid skateboard. On my first day of ninth grade i saw him again he walked away like i had killed him. i was flustered i just wish he'd tease me again that was better than nothing!


   i did well in school so i skipped a grade and we were in the same classes.

When Ms.Menchew assighned us seats i got one next to him. He didn't look too excited. When i got home i kept getting mixed feelings did i really like him? I got the guts to head over to his house.


   I ran over to his house. His mother opened the door she wasn't too excited about seeing me either but i had to do it! he came down stairs an was giving be a bored look. "lets go outside."he said to me. I was shy which i had never been like near him.


  we began to talk he seemed okay by me. Then i remebered how many other guys i had dated. He knew what i was thinking of. He flipped ove his skate board for me to read:                                                                           


if you were broken what were you to do?

if you love something more than your prized possesion what would it be?

is 'love' stronger than 'hate'


    I knew what it was about i knew it and ket silent. my face was hot i was crying i didn't care if he saw me crying. I felt his arm around me i felt like pushing him of like we were still nine but i felt like holding on to him at the same time. "do you love me anyway kaylie? or do you want me to disappear

like when we were nine?" he said letting me know he was still there.


    "Ethan i do like you but i knew you'd forget......." i began.

" i remembered that i still like you and since the momment i saw you i did and i never will until the we grow old together or just kill eachother like when we were nine." he said.


    That night was the greatest day of my life. we are currently going out and don't plan on killing eachother!

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