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Every morning I will wake up to an angel's voice.

She's more than a soul mate, more than a heartache and more than a spark plug to my heart.

She appeared in my life several times, as I hung out with my friends, those were mind teasing moments.

Eventually, no one clicked with her as well as I did. After I invited her to a friend's birthday, the start began to unravel. Like every casual party night, drinks were chugged and chased, smoke of joints and cigarettes filled the air and intoxication spread like a virus. One thing was very odd about that night, beautifully odd, I couldn't unchain myself from this beautiful angel... Funny I didn't predict this inevitable attraction.

Her name is Jaki, beautiful big brown eyes, dark brown hair, curves that were never replicated and the facial features were put together so well, you'd think that it was an illusion. As I was chained to her by rings of fascination and love, she was as well. The first date was so interesting, usually you panic about your looks and the content of your speech... I was too caught up for that, I always wanted to find out more about her, I wanted more time in her eyes then in my mind, ending up with the impression that I looked cool and calm (what she told me). A year flew by with a spectrum of experiences.

Mexico on the third month went so smoothly, a week in paradise, or one long day with 7 nights... First night a warm welcome with couple of shots, followed by waking up to a beautiful tropical climate, accompanied by bird songs.

We went there with another couple... less lively and unfortunately nonexistent right now... I think everyone considers us as a perfect double date, both of us are funny, goofy and very deep. We would get drunk and play volleyball, sometimes my masculine ego would kick in for competition and unfortunately my angel would not enjoy being on my team, I always curse myself for that. Volleyball games would be interrupted by delicious lunches.. She loves her 11 island sauce with her tomatoes, I enjoyed it as well, I'm not sure if it was the delicious mixture or the fact that She and her tastes were in my life.

The ocean breeze would always tickle the skin with a warm yet cooling touch, and no matter how strong it was, it would never blow away the beautiful scents from her skin.

We would under the palm trees, enjoying sounds of breaking waves and the heat from the sun rays. Eventually we would get slightly over heated and regain our fluids by drinking few mexican cocktails before cooling off in the ocean. Kissing Her with our heads submerged above the water while wrapping her in the cool water was an experience beyond description, my senses were on overload, my mind was ecstatic and glimpses of an birds eye view would kick into my thoughts seeing me and her in the middle of the ocean surround by thousands of people, where most wish they had such a beautiful connection. Half way into the vacation we went to the worlds largest natural aquarium, with beautiful tiny islands surrounded by water infested with species of beautiful fish, Jaki wasn't a good swimmer but she still sacrificed her comfort to explore with me in the water, everytime I think of her especially in that goofy looking mask, tears dance out of my eyes. One of the funniest and cutest moments were probably there in the water with her, as she started propelling her feet quicker trying to break into a school of anchovies to take a bite. Leaving Mexico meant leaving worry-less moments, and coming back to social pressures of the boring routine life.

Slowly the frequency of fights began to rise, some would be more intense than others. Most of the time it would be about the little time we got to spend with each other or misunderstanding each others opinions and characters.

Regardless, my heart was molded inside her, possibly without her being aware. I knew she wanted me to propose as much as I wanted to... I was heart broken when I couldn't get her a gift, but with my crappy photoshop efforts I managed to do a decent happy-bday card. The rest of the money was put on the side, for a surprise.

My birthday came and unfortunately it wasn't celebrated the way I wanted it to, but that wasn't important to me. The real important event that day was several hours ago. I called her saying I need her to drive me to a park, the same park where we took our first walks together and sat on a ski lifting bench isolated from the rest. I put her up and expected a puzzled and disbelieving reaction, hence why my backup memory plan was to record it, the moment was to intense to focus on everything...I proposed and she didn't believe, it was perfect. It's these moments that conquer over and push away our bad experiences...

Right now we are in our 16th month.. saying it brings so much energy to the soul, but there are always little fights that try to tear us apart, some are stupid, some are misunderstood. From everything that happened in my life, I am only sure about one thing, my love for her. I will go through anything to get her to smile... even though my efforts lately were weak, caught up in all the unimportant pressures. I realize money is only important when you want to express your feelings through things for a woman you love, future should only be looked into, when you have some one to share it with and anger is harder but more important to conquer at these times. Her scent still hits me like a drug, the first glimpse just as she opens the door for me as she does her goofy cute run still make me feel warm. Every little thing about her, makes my heart pump. I want to live with her in my arms, and die only by her side. This story isn't just a love story, this tale has no end. My soul is blended with hers, leading to a life that might've only been experienced by few, I believe in after life and I know our delicious soul twister wont melt, regardless of time or the harsh conditions. I and Jaki will always be delicious and vicious, and the blue filling inside? those are moments and secrets we will unravel together, a taste that will never fade away.

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