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Love Change Everything....

First of all I am a guy who's on the age of 15...I am a 4th year High School Student , a student who is just making some foolishness in the school...Because of my foolishness I always got low grades in every subject i take...For me, there's no hope because all in my mind are all silly things like I have some Gang and Fraternity...But even I got those silly nothings still time is a healer , time changes everything as days pass by...


When me and my friends practiced our dance for the program in our school , we practiced on 5:30pm, before our practice I saw a teenage girl standing near our practice field then I'm stun , stun of her nice and beautiful face , so I immediately go unto her and say , "What's your name?" then she say , "My name is Feb,Why?" , After that I can't even say a word...As time goes by we took a conversation for about 1 hour then all I can say is all about my family because i Can't say everything about myself because of my attitude so the conversation dropped into a Family Background Topic then after it, we decided to go home and continue our conversation tomorrow...So as the days goes by I fell in love with her not knowing that she feels it too....So I court on her and she quickly say , "Yes!" then my heart is full  of happiness....


After a 1 month of relationship , she discovered my character trait in school so she come to me and say , "Is that really you?" I thought that she's turned off and got discourage about it but I decided to change everything just for her , even all my time is still for her as long as she will feel that I really love her so much in the deepest of my heart...In that time she accepts me again not because i change but she Accepts me for who I am then our relationship goes well and my grades became good and I leave my foolish peers and foolish actions because of just a teenage girl...I promise her that I'll take everything just for her to know how much i Love her even how much it hurts me as long as , all I know is that I love her...


Now I realize that since she came into my life everything about me had change even the smallest thing about me so it's not impossible to take the risk just for the one you love as long as you have the courage and strength to say to her I love her in any way I know.As long as it's okay I'll Stay with her until the day sincerely say Goodbye...When I say goodbye its not when i leave her but the day I die...



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