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     I'm a sophomore in high school and i have been dating this guy named Tyler for 2 yrs.  We first started dating in the 8th grade.  i wanted to b the first to tell him that i loved him but he beat me to it. at first i was afraid to say it back but then i realized that life is too short and people need to know important things like that before it is too late.  we go to high school and everything changed.  he started to act funny with me and i didn't know why.  People were telling me that he was liking on a senior named Nia and i didn't want to believe it but then i read a comment on his myspace and she was like "u missed me at school today, well imma b there tomorrow, etc." and i was so heartbroken by that.  His friend tried to call me and try to get us back together and he asked me do u still like him and i was like yeah and he was like do you love him and i was like yeah.  Little did i know Tyler was listening to the things i was saying.  so his friend asked me one more question and my response was i feel like I'm getting played so I'm going to show him who's getting played.  i wasn't really going to play him i just said that out of anger.  Later on in the school year we decided to take things slow and eventually we got back on track.  We kissed each other everyday, we walked each other to class, we had intimate times, and we couldn't stay away from each other.  yes we had our arguments but we worked them out.  sophomore year is here and its not going so well right now.  were not together because we broke up over a rumor that was spreading about me cheating on him with somebody from Amite. it broke my heart that he would believe them over me.  and then he brought up what i said over the phone back up and didn't talk to me for about 3 wks.  I'm still in love with him and i know that he is in love with me and it will never end.  I just pray that things between him and i get back to how they used to b.


Cristian Black

I still love you Tyler August


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