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Change of mind, change of heart.

I was with Gage for two years, wonderful years.


The day I met Jake, everything changed between me and Gage, my entire life changed.


Gage was from Georgia and I was from Maryland. We met several summers ago on a mission trip in my home state. We only knew each other five days, but decided the relationship we had built in those five days, shouldn't end with his leaving so we kept in touch. We talked regularly and soon feelings began to develop. We made the commitment to try and see each other as much as possible by flying back and forth. Finally, after two years of dealing with the distance, he decided it was time for him to move here, and make Maryland his permanent home.


Gage was set to move here in September.


Jake entered my life in May.


Little did I know, that this summer, the summer of 2008, would change everything.



Jake was studying to be a minister in Tennessee and got a summer internship at my church congregation. He arrived here in May to begin his job as youth minister to the youth of our congregation. Jake was nothing like I had expected. He was short, and stocky, a little rough around the edges, but time would soon tell how much we had in common.


The more the summer went on, the more Jake and I got to know one another. Our personalities were so similar, he was practically the male version of myself! We could talk for hours and never run out of things to say. We would prefer each others company over others at church. We simply clicked.


All this was going on while me and Gage were still making plans for him to move. It was funny, I hadnt realized I was falling for Jake. I had convinced myself me and Jake were just friends, nothing more and nor would we ever be anything more. He would leave at the end of the summer, and our friendship would soon diminish, just like all the previous summer interns. But with Jake, it was different. The way I felt around him, the way I always craved his company, how I missed him when we werent hanging out or talking, something was happening, I was falling for him, and falling out of love with Gage.


I kept denying the feelings, convincing myself that Jake was just a friend and soon he would be gone and Stefan would move here and everything would be as it should.


August came and it was night before Jake was to leave and head back to Tennessee. I sat thinking how sad I was to see him go and how much i wished he could stay. I couldnt lie to myself anymore. I called up Gage and confessed everything. I told him of my feelings for Jake and how I had fallen for him. I told him it wasnt expected nor planned and that i was truly sorry . He was hurt, but in the end , wanted my happiness. So he told me to call Jake and confess my feelings before he left. Gage told me I would regret it if I didnt. After we hung up, I sat on my bed , holding my phone, knowing what I had to do.


I searched for his number in my phone, but before I could find it, my phone lit up....it was Jake calling.


Nerves kicked in as I answered the phone, wondering what he had needed this time of night. Shouldnt he be packing? Shouldnt he be getting some rest? He did have a long trip the next day...


I answered and he said hello. We chatted for a few minutes, small talk really, both of us noticing this conversation was different than others.


Finally I knew I had to say something, tell him how I felt. But before I could say anything, he studdered, "Lisa, I have something I want to tell you, Im in love with you and have been the entire summer."


My heart sank. He felt the same way too! Was this really happening? Was I dreaming? I was so happy I could hardly speak. Finally I caught my breath and confessed my feelings as well! We talked the entire night and promised each other that we wouldnt let the distance break us apart. We would make this work.


SO far, our relationship has been phenomenal and I couldnt be happier, I have found the one guy who can make me happier than anyone else. He is my match.


Sometimes, you think you know what you are looking for, but when you least expect it, something else comes along, something better, something bigger than you ever had planned for yourself.


Dreams come true folks, take it from me!



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