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Long distance



My Name is Rebecca and i am 16 from England. i met the most amazing guy on holiday in Florida last summer. He was 20 years old.  Nobody could believe how amazing. I fell in love with him straight away at a point in my life where i didn't know what love was. For four days we met every evening and walked together and talked underneath the stars. I felt myself falling harder and harder. But i knew that he didn't like me that way and nothing would happen between us.


I knew i would go home with a special friend. However, when he was drunk he sent me a message which said that he loved me and wished he could make me happy. I felt so happy but still, to scared to say i loved him back. Later though, i sent him a message back saying that if it was possible i wish we could be together and that i liked him alot.


After that, we spent four hours in this lagoon together. But it felt like 4 minutes. He held me close in the lagoon and i felt safe. Protected. I felt intoxicated with love. Like nothing else mattered.  Later we went to the beach, and we had our first Kiss. it felt so meaningful and great. i could of stayed there forever.


He had to go back to his hometown Miami, later that day but he came from work to see me the next day. I felt so happy to see him and wished it would always be like this. We saw each other every day apart from Monday that next week, i even went to Miami with him on Thursday and Friday.


On Saturday though, i Had go back home. He came to the airport and it was horrible saying goodbye. letting go from his arms were horrible and Saturday had come round far to quickly.


Its been 3 months since our first kiss. Next week it will be 3 months since i last saw him. We had so many arguments after holiday that we never had. He was going to come and see me in December. It was partly me that ruined it. When we had problems i discussed it with my ex boyfriend and then i told him i did. He doesn't hate me now but i wish i could see him . I would give anything.


We had many great memories and i will always treasure them forever. He will always be in my heart even though he is thousand of miles apart. I will never forget him and i hope we see each other and be together one day even if years later.


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