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Believe in fate

There is such a thing as soul mates, and such a thing as fate. Alex and I are the perfect example.

We first met each other at the tender age of six. We seemed to immediately become the very closest of friends. For all my childhood he was my closest companion.

Our love was pure, an instantaneous trust and companionship stronger than the deepest bond. Unfortunately, at the age of 12 my parents divorced, and I moved away. Though we were in the same city, we lost touch. Life went on. I graduated high school and dated here and there. Yet I always held Alex in the back of my mind. So many times I wanted to pick up the phone and call him, I just feared he would not remember me, but deep down I always thought if I ever saw him again it would be forever.

4 months ago my wish came true....

I had recently come out of a long-term relationship that ended badly. Frustrated, and hating all men I had decided to give up on love completely. Looking shabby and feeling blue I decided to get my hair done. A little beauty treatment to cheer me up. I walked in to the salon, and instantly realized that the woman behind the counter was Alex's mother. We talked for a while (she remembered me too) As I sat down to have my haircut, someone was approaching me. Yes, it was Alex.

The minute I saw him it was like I was 6 again. My heart began to instantly flutter.

Well, time does not change everything. From the first minute we laid eyes on each other again, it's been like we were never apart. The last 4 months have been the most magical, wonderful months of my life. We are planning to get married in the fall. The funny thing is I always knew he was the one.

The first thing he said to me was, "I have wanted to call you, but did not know if you would remember me. I just could never forget you."

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