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Love makes you do crazy things

My sister had a boyfriend, and he was the greatest guy ever, he would make her laugh and smile anything a great guy would make you do. Weird as it happened I feel in love with him. I couldn't help it I needed someone like that in my life, he was the one who can make me happy and smile and everything I sad girl like me would have. I never had any boyfriends or anything, never went out with friends, I was probably the only girl in the world that didn't have any ones love except for my parents. Anyways my sister and him ended up breaking up, and by that time I haven't told him how i felt. That thanksgiving i send him a text message and told him HAPPY THANKSGIVING and he replied. Best Part. So at last he ended up asking me out and I agreed and it came to the part were I had to tell my sister what I just committed she got mad but eventually got over it. I'm not a bad person but when you fall in love YOU FALL IN LOVE you can't help it.the wonderful thing about this story is that till this day after two years we are still going out. And my sister has a new boyfriend that makes her happy and that's what love does. Trying to make a point that when you fall in love with someone don't be afraid to show it to that person, its all worth it at the end.

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