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Just Friends

  I really liked him and we were good friends. I didn't say anything because I 


didn't want to ruin our friendship or anything like that. So I kept my mouth


shut and just continued to look him in the eyes and hold back the urge to


tell him how I felt about him.  So, yeah, we ended up becoming even better


friends and I continued to fall more and more in love with him.



  So since we were such awesome friends, I invited him to my birthday party


like friends do.  But I made a mistake by inviting a girl that he really liked,


too!  Well. while he was flirting with her, I just ran away and every time I got


the chance, I chucked a water balloon at him!  But he ended up getting mad


because I was getting everyone else to gang up on him. 



  But the real trouble came when he was in the middle of a ping-pong game 


with HER (the girl he liked).  He was being sick minded and I yelled at him.  


He stormed off in a total fit of anger, so i followed him.  When I got outside


where he was sitting I told him that I was sorry about what I had said and he


was still very angry.  So I told him I was just ticked about something  that he


wouldn't care about.  But of corse, he said he would so.....I finaly got the


courage to tell him the truth.



  "Kyle......I like you more than anyone could ever know." I said.  But he just


stood there and didn't say anything (at least thats what I think, earlyer that


day I had a panick attach and I had had one again at the time) so I just


kissed him on the cheek and ran off into the house, and the next thing I


remember, I was laying on my bastment floor with two of my friends by my


side.  I tryed to stand up, thinking it was all a crazy dream.  But when I got


upstairs, one of my friends asked him if it was true and he said yes.



  I talked to him a while after that and he said, "sorry but I don't like you like


that."  Then he just walked away and contuinued with what ever it was he


doing.  So I stood there, conpletealy broken.  I gave him ym heart and he


tore it in tiny bits.  But yet I still loved him.



  Although this hassn't acualt happened yet, this is what I plan to happen,


and know that it will.



  He will grow up into a young man and forget all about me and the good


times that we spent together.  He will find that one girl that he wants to be


with forever and ever.  He will invite me to his wedding and say his vowes


while I sit there and watch in horor.  I will not speek up when the minister


asks why these two should not be wed.  I will sit, slowly dieing on the inside.


And when it all ends, my heart will be in too many bits to pick up and put


together agian.  So I will just sit in sorow and think of what could have been.



                    With love,


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