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The guy of my dreams

i never thought i would ever fall for anyone. especially this hard.

i first met him in 7th grade. when his friend used to call me a "prostitute" but he was joking, of course. he lived a few houses away from my friend Ashley. first, he was dating this other girl. but i was over there one night when i was in 8th grade, and i was upstairs with him, alone with him in his room. he told me that he liked me and i was so excited, because he was so cute and everybody in school pretty much liked him. so we kissed, and then i left awhile after and went back to my friends house with her. eventually, he broke up with the other girl because he didn't really have feelings for her. eventually he moved kind of by my house.

we were good friends up until the beginning of 9th grade, when he first asked me out. i said yes, of course. for our first date, we walked to Wendy's. not that romantic, i know.. but it's the thought that counts. we were very happy, until i found out that he was calling my friend some bad names and i was upset about it. so we broke up for a few weeks.. and i met another guy named Jordan and he met another girl named Laura. so we were with the other people until we started talking again.. and he told me he truly does love me. at this point, i didn't love him but i did still have feelings for him so i decided to give him another shot.

we dated again until February, but i was so confused that i broke up with him because i liked someone else. which was very stupid of me because the other guy i liked didn't like me back. so when my friend got out of lockup, i didn't go see him that day because i had food poisoning. and he didn't go because he didn't have a ride. he called me that night, and asked if i had gone to see him and we started talking again like we used to. i was very happy and he came over to see me because i was really sick. he made me feel a lot better. after that, we kept meeting up at our other friend's house because he was on house arrest and couldn't go anywhere. i would flirt with him but i don't think he got the hint. I could tell he still loved me, but i knew he was scared that i would hurt him again. and i didn't want to hurt him either.

one night in March, we were helping our friend Nick babysit his little cousin, and we just totally hit it off again, like we did in the first place. So eventually, I asked him back out. He said yes. I was incredibly happy and so was he, i could tell. the same night, my other two friends started going out too. and it ended up we had no place to stay so we stayed at my friend's aunt's house and all 4 of us had to sleep in the same bed. but we cuddled, and it didn't really matter. i realized how much that he truly means to me.

we are still together to this day, we have been through ups and downs but i wouldn't have rather gone through it with anyone else. he has taught me so much and helped me through everything. i can't believe that i fell in love with him.. i'm just so glad that he feels the same way. and i hope that it stays that way. we plan on getting married and no one is going to stop us. i found true love when i was 15, and i'm proud of it! i've never felt this way about anyone else, and i never will. i have all i need.. all in him.

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