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Love Conquers All

I'm 18 and the guy I like is almost 13. We met about nine months ago at air cadets and didn't really start getting to know each other until about four or five months ago. I knew that he liked me from the way that he acted around me and he called me pretty all the time. It was kind of obvious.


He somehow got my phone number and started calling me and it kind of went from there. We became close and I knew that he really liked me and I liked him too and I decided to ask him out. So I did and we went out for about five days before I got up the courage to tell my mom and she told me to dump him because she thought I was making a mistake in going out with someone 6 years younger than me. So I did dump him and he cried because he loved me so much. We didn't even get to see each other in those five days because he lives an hour away from me and we only have cadets once a week. We decided to become friends with benefits.


We've become really close now and we want to go out again we're just not sure when we should go out. His mom told him that she was OK with us going out. My mom thinks he's too young. It's not fair. She doesn't even like us hanging together too much. He's more mature than a lot of my friends. I've lost a couple friends because of this because they judged us and thought it was wrong that I was in love with a 12 year old. Still I've stayed with him through everything because we love each other and if my friends can't support us then they weren't really friends to begin with. It's been hard to stay together but we've managed. A few people (one of my ex boyfriends for one) have called me a paedophile but I don't care what other people think and neither does he. He loves me and wants to marry me when he's 18 and I'm 24. We have 5 years to go, I just know we can make it. We truly love each other.


Age used to matter to me but now it doesn't obviously. I just wish people would stop judging us and let us be together in peace and leave us alone. Thanks for reading my story.



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