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To be told that he never love you and lied to all of these years

How would you feel?

This is my story which I thought I could never talk about, but here it is. I was married to this jerk of 5 yrs who used me. Out of the relationship he got the finer things in life that he did not have on this owned and used my money to get it. I helped him get out of debt and helped him pursue his dream of getting his bachelor's degree in business finance. He had asked so much out of me and took so much which I could not believe this would happened, but it did. This has happened to so many woman out there and has known of one story from Oprah who rose from a cheating spouse who put her husband through medical school and who became a divorce lawyer. Just as the ladies before me I am not letting a man cripple me. Being independent and never using anyone in my life I could not be a person like him or would want to be.


The jerk who had nothing, who took all that I had, will get his share of karma. Looking back he could have helped more, but his agenda was trying to get what he can and run. Call him whatever, but he got me good. He had stressed me out to the point of gaining weight. He used that as an excuse for falling out of love. The last words he said to me was he never loved me and lied to me all of these years. I am not the type of person to fall in love easily. I believe in growing to love someone and developing a foundation from it makes it last. In this case I was handed something bad to learn and to grow from it.


Knowing that he didn't have the opportunity to enjoy and finish his college years he was going to do it now that he has someone who supported him. We discussed our future about school and I asked that he be honest with me. I trusted him and only asked one thing and that was do not do anything to me to miss trust him. Now this is the jerk who came out of a divorce claiming his wife infidelity lead to their split. 


Of coarse me feeling sorry for him was a big mistake. His parents are divorce and growing up watching his dad cheating ways taught him to use the lesson on me. His dad had 2 girlfriends and I knew both of them and I felt bad for the both of them. The dad would lie to both of the ladies what they wanted to hear only which kept both at bay. These ladies loved him very much. Whatever they confided in me I never told the ladies what the other lady was saying. Nothing bad was said about the other person, but I was feeling bad for them and I told my ex to not to do that to me. They were both wonderful and sweet ladies. I knew that my ex did not like the woman who that is dad cheated on when he was married to his mother. What you see growing up and guess the fruit doesn't fall from the tree.


Before I hooked up with him I had doubts only because of his up bringing. Usually I would not look and give that person an chance, but I realized after having 2 tumors removed what the hell right. Poor choice I know. I helped him so much and shared things with him like I had with no other.


Having been 5yrs apart I kept pushing him to be with this Michelle. I don't think she know that I have done this and still he comes back. As much as a yell or cussed at him to go and be with the other person he wants to remained friends when damn well that can't be. I spoke with the girl once in which I told her I do not want to have anything to do with him and that he is all hers. Every time that he claims that he is not with here out of the blue I got another call. I never trusted him since the day he left. I think she found out he was still contacting me and gave me a call which in turn I went off on him to stop his dramas and lying to the poor girl and be with her. He is trying to have his cake and eat his ice cream too. I am just not having it.


Only time will tell it what is to become of us. One thing is for sure ladies "Never give your dreams to help someone fulfill theirs, but do love to your fullest and good things will come to you." I had grew to love this jerk and learned a great deal. I never lost what I didn't have, but he lost a person who once loved him. 



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