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I lost my soulmate....

do you believe in soulmates? I do... when i saw the sparkle in his eyes I knew then that it was love, but life is unfair as I was on my late 20's he was on his late teens.the love that was felt by both of us was never acceptable to the society that we lived in. Each passing day my love for him has grown too intense. i tried to avoid him, but he was always in sight. starring, glancing at me.  I was secretly loving him for many years. I felt that he is the other half of my heart, the one that could make me complete. I was waiting for him  to say his feelings, but he was too much of a coward to let me know. in four years we never spoke.  And when time came for us to part ways everything died along. a heart that can never be whole again. a distressed soul who is in search forever for her lost love.....   

by: RN

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