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When someone asks do you believe in first sight, i say yes. Because it has happend to me !

Last year I was going out with this boy. I liked him yeah, but I wasn't how you would say 'in love with him,' but yeah he was fun to hang out with.

One day we were out at the movies and that was the first time I met his mates. His one friend in particular came up to me with a matican hand and shook my hand and said "Hi Im Michael." I thought he was the most gorgeous guy ive ever seen in my life ! But I was dating his friend, so I tried not to think about him.

Michael added my myspace and msn and by the time you knew it we were speaking heaps! By this stage I had to admit, I was well over my boyfriend. So I decided to tell him we should see other people because this is going no where. He agreed.

As the weeks went by me and Michael were speaking heaps. He hacked my myspace and changed everything to 'I LOVE MICHAEL'. At this stage I was madly in love with him, but I never told anyone. Michael had never had a girl friend before and didn't speak to many girls. Everyone was always like to me, "So what's going on with you and Michael hey?" and I would say "Oh nothing we are just friends." (Because I thought Michael wasn't that gf/bf type.)

One night there was this party and my ex and Michael were both going to be there. As soon as I rocked up to that party Michael gave me a massive hug and had his arm around my shoulder all night. My ex goes up to Michael and his like "If you hookup with her, I swear to God i'll bury you six feet underground!!!" Michael was like OK OK !!! I wont.

Later on in the night, yes Michael and me hookedup.. But my ex didn't know.

Later on that week when my ex found out, him and Michael had an argument and they stoped speaking.

I spoke to Michael on the phone everynight. When we were tired we would go to sleep and then when we woke up the next morning, we would continue speaking (If the phone wasn't dead). I was crazy about him !!! But no body knew.

One night he goes to me, "Do I know 100% about you?" Im like "No. Do I know 100% about you?" He said "No. Tell me the rest I do not know." Then I said "No you tell me first!" And as you can imagine it went on ..

He goes to me "Paige, I like you." I felt like I just died then came back to life. Words cannot describe how happy I felt. Then Im like "Yeah I like you to."

The next week his like to me, "You don't know 100% yet." Im like "Tell me:)"

He goes "I have to tell you that in person." I knew he was going to ask me out! Yes, when I saw him that week he asked me out.

We were going out for about 3 months and both decided that we want a break for a bit. (Dont know why :|) It was his formal that friday.. But I still went with him. We were really good and happy at the formal. At the afterparty he was asking me out every 5 minutes but I kept saying "No I'm not ready to go out again, just wait a bit."

The next night there was this party we were both going to, and all day I was thinking okay, I'm ready to go out with him. Before the party, I had no body to go with, so im like to this girl Marie, "Im not going to come because I dont want to go alone." She said "Dont be silly, heres my number, call me when you get there and ill come to the door." I said to my mum, "Mum I dont trust her I doubt she will come to the door." My mums like "Dont worry, just go :)"

I got to the party and everyone ran up to me and they were like "Oh my god! Marie just hookedup with Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then i walked up to Michael and he got up and his like "PAIIIIIIIIIIIGE ! Thank god you're here!" Im like ":| you just kissed Marie?" He said " :| No I didn't. She was drunk and was lying on me :|"

I was so angry, so i hookedup with his friend Anthony. Then I saw Michael get with Marie. Me and Michael both walked back to each other and were like It's not the same, I need you. So then we hookedup. He goes "Wait right here, I need to tell Marie im sorry." I waited and waited.. He didn't come back. I walked over to the couches because there was a massive crowd surrounding something. I went up to see what was going on and it was Michael hooking up with Marie :| My friend Julian goes to me "Paige, come on lets go." We walked out of the party and sat down at this pizza shop.

When the party finished Michael came up to me and he goes to me "Paige, I dont like you anymore." (He had tears in his eyes while saying this.) Then we had an argument... then my mum came and picked me up.

I got in the car and I was telling my mum what had just happened and words couldn't describe how angry I was. Later Michael called me telling me how it just hit him and how sorry he was. It took me a few weeks to forgive him, but I did.

Marie said to me, "You and Michael are ment to be, Im sorry." Next thing you know, they are going out !!!

I didn't eat nor sleep for a week. My mum had to pick me up from school early every day because i was that unwell. Words could not describe how upset I was.

One night we were at this party and Marie was drunk, vomiting somewhere and Michael came up to me and goes "Im sorry." Im like "For what?" His like "Everything, I fucked up!" (He leaned in and went to kiss me.) I pulled back and said "You cannot do this to Marie." When he left I just started balling my eyes out !

As the days went by we started speaking a lot and speaking on the phone everynight. Yes, if you're wondering, he cheated on Marie with me. But I didn't care because I hated her for going out with him when she knew how much I liked him. We were seeing each other heaps when it got to a stage where I said to him. "You either choose me or Marie. You cant do this Michael." He goes to me "I dont want to leave Marie for you because I know you will get over me in 3 months." I never wanted anything so badly in my life. Im like "Trust me!!!! I will still love you in 3 months, I promise !" I was trying nearly everything to win him but no nothing worked.

He went overseas and when he came back him and Marie broke up. Then he was having problems with school and his family, so they sent him to go live overseas with his sister. He is still there until next January.

Michael said to me I wont love him in 3 months. Its been nearly 7 months and ill be dead honest. Im still madly in love with him !

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