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The hardest part in love, is letting go. . .

There was once a little girl around the age of 10 who fell in love with a boy.


The boy would always tease the girl and annoy her.


Over time, the little girl slowly fell for the little boy.


The two would usually bicker, laugh, and tease each other; it was a daily routine.


One of the many reasons why the girl fell for the boy was because whenever she was sad, he would always be there to cheer her up.


As time passed by, the little girl would do silly little things for the boy, but tried to make it not obvious at the same time.


On his birthday, she drew a picture of his favourite cartoon with the help of her friend, and in a writing far from hers, she wrote a birthday message to him.


Then at the end of the day, she would stay back and slip it into his desk, where he would find it the next day.


She continued her habit of sending him a drawing for his birthday every year as time passed by.


Sometimes, she wasn't even sure if he got it, since they didn't communicate much anymore after being in different classes.


She had a crush on him for 4 years.


If you asked her to name all their memories together ever since 5 years ago, she'd still remember every one of them.


There was this one time where he told her he loved her through msn.


But since he was always joking around, of course she assumed he was joking and told him to tell her who he really liked, and that was the end of that.


The little boy and girl met when they were in a split class of gr. 4 & 5, and they were never in the same class again.


As time went by, even when the little boy moved onto high school, the little girl still always had feelings for him.


He was someone that was impossible for her to forget, almost like trying to forget her name, who she is.


After 4 years of crushing on him, the girl finally managed to let go.


It took her 4 years, but she always said to herself that he'll always be someone special.


And she was definitely happy to be crush-free.


Afterall, crushes were complicated and heartbreaking yet it is also a happy and cheerful feeling.


As the little girl finally thought that she would be able to be crush-free, the little boy whom she had crushed on for years, talked to her again.


Maybe it was because her feelings were just temporarily numbed, frozen, forgotten, but she fell in love with him all over again without even noticing.


They would talk for a long time on msn for the first few days, but after that, only small conversations at times.


Her crush only grew day by day, as her heart and hope slowly shattered.


She knew that he didn't like her, and that he probably liked someone else.


A close friend of her who knew, would try to help her and spark a chance for her.


While searching something up, her friend came across his facebook profile where it said: Relationship status: In a relationship with _______.


The girl laughed it off as she started singing her crush's name and his girlfriend sitting in a tree, and that they were love.


The girl thanked her friend for trying to help her and for being a great friend.


She was truly grateful for an awesome friend like her.

And she was also really happy for her crush! As long as he was happy, she would be too. 


Even if he did have a girlfriend, she'd wish him all the best.


But deep inside, the little girl from 4 years ago, couldn't help but feel a little heart broken.


Either way, he was still someone she loved, and she was just like any other girl.


The girl just never expected to fall for her crush again, after trying so hard to finally let go.


With a heavy heart, the girl wrote a story about all her feelings on a website.


But with a smile, she knew that as long as he was happy, she would be too.


That girl... was me. (:


Wishing all the best to my crush and his girlfriend.


And as i submit this, i hope to let go. x)


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