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I loved him more than I know

During my freshmen year, this guy liked me but I thought he was ugly-glasses and acne. Ironically I am very bad with rejecting, I felt like everyone deserves a chance. After-all his efforts did touch me. We talked a lot on the phone everyday.We dated in the November of my sophomore year.

At first I wasn't loving him that much but I liked him. When he gave me a kiss on the cheeks, that feeling was so indescribable.

Four days before Christmas I went to house and had a really warm time. He was definitely the first guy to love me so much. He was my 6th boyfriend in my life.

We got so close and he became the one. We talked about future. He really cared about me. I was so important to him. I regret that I abused my privileges and his feelings. We went through so much, and now everything seems washed away

I want my husband to be the one who I give my v-card to, now I dont think I could get over myself.

I just loved him over time. Now its the junior year of summer, we broke up.

I am just so miserable. I have his baby too. He doesn't want me to have it.

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