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Here comes good-bye

      Broken......betrayed...angry...confused...crushed...torn into a million pieces. Suicidal..!! This was how i felt. The one i loved betrayed me..He cheated me and i trusted him. I thought i would never be able to love again.


      Six months after came prince. I thought he was wasting his time. I didn't ever want to fall in love ever again. I didn't want that betrayal once more. As hard as i tried i couldn't ignore him. i knew deep in my heart that he would never hurt me. He knew what it felt like to be hurt. He knew what it felt like to be me..!! In fact, he was as hurt as i was.


      I began caring for him more than i thought i could. He made me so happy with his madness. I felt like wow..i was so happy and lucky to have found him. He always doubts himself. He says he's not worthy...but it's not true. Little does he know how much everyone loves and cares for him.  When ever i enter the chat rooms, everyone would ask me to call him because they all like him so much.


      He's one of the nicest persons i know. He would do whatever he can to make others happy even if it hurt him in the end. He was just so amazing. I wanted him to be with me for the rest of my life. However i never said this to him. I;m not the type who talks much. I would call him, not to talk to him, but to just hear him speak cuz he made me so happy.


        I was happy but he wasn't. He loved someone but it wasn't me. after all, i don't blame him, because i'm not worth his love. He deserves someone much better. but i'm not even angry at him, he made me strong enough to stay alive.


        It amazed me that he would just joke about his death. It hurt me even..I didn't want him to go away. When he talked about his death, i cant even begin todescribe how the tears flowed from my eyes. It killed me to think of life without him. But, iknew he was drifting away from me. When italkedtohim, i could hardly keepmyvoice straigth. I could hardly keep from crying.It was tearing me upto loose him. But....now i lost him...he's gone out of my life. He went away from me, but prince, if i had one wish it would be for either one of these things to happen.


**** forget her and find someone who will love you and make you happy.- I know that it's hard, but if you forget it all, trust me, i promise, that you'll be happy again. When i was hurting, my brother made me delete all HIS pictures. He made me change my passwords from HIS name. I deleted all memory of HIM. I wish you would do the same. please forget it all. I hate seeing you like this. It's my wish, that someday you'll go back home to your family. They really love you and care for you more than you can imagine. i just want you to be happy that's all.




***** I want her to return to you. I want her to amke you happy. Let her come back to you and say she was just testing your love. let her say it was all a joke, and that she loves you. I want you to have her is she makes you happy.



You deserve it prince..!! You deserve to be happy. If i could have just one wish, it would be for your happiness. Iknow that life's been very unfair to you, but please, if you consider me yoir friend, please try to forget it all. Leave that country. Begin a new life. It's the only way you'll be happy. Change your screen names. Your passwords. Delete her picures. Forget her, i'm your friend, and i'll help you through it all. I'll stand by you and i;ll hel you find happiness,i promise i'l never stop being your friend.


Please, just be happy. I'll never forget you. It's my promise. Love isnt my luck, it's not for me but i'm never going to forget you. Please be happy, I want you to always be happy in your life.


                                     -love always

                          Good-bye forever Prince... <3

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