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The boy I was Babysitting with

In 2007, my aunt and i were babysitting for my two little cousins. Then my other aunts' friend came over with her son. I was in 5th grade and he was in 7th. He was so adorable! He had straight brown hair, brown eyes, his skin was tan, and he looked kind of like Zach Efron. Then my aunt left both of us with each other alone 2 babysit, and my half sister was there with us. So he introduced himself to me and i did the same. so we went 2 to the park and we all went on the marry-go-round. he said he could push faster than me and i was like "No way"! Like, sarcastically. Then my little cousins friend came over and they wanted 2 go on the swings. So i pushed both of them at the same time, i saw my crush and he was looking at me. So he came over by me and started pushing one of them. I said thanks, and he said "Its the least i can do." So we were pushing both of them, like we were a couple. My half sister thought it was cute.

Later on, my half sister was talking to him. Then, she was going to tell me something, but he was backing saying" NO,NO, NO!Don't tell her!". So when he was playing with the kids,I got suspicious and I went to ask her what had happened when she had talked to him. She said " Um, I'm not supposed to say anything, but, he really likes you". I started feeling, like I had butterflies in my stomach. So we went back to the apartment and had food while watching a movie. My little cousins were sitting on each side of me and he scoot one over so he could sit next to me. I felt really special! Then later on, my half sis and him went to get some candy. then of course, he gave me the Hershey kisses and we had a Hershey kiss war. then i just found out that he was sleeping over, so when we were watching "Jaws",and he put his arm around me,so i left it like that until the movie was done. So then he was trying to hold my hand, but i wouldn't let him( i regret not holding his hand).So the next morning, when i woke up, our faces were so close to each other, i got kind of scared, cause i forgot that i wasn't at home. So i told him that i liked him, too. And he got REALLY excited. But then my aunt woke up, and she saw all the Hershey kisses all over the floor. Then she was yelling at me until i cried, right in front of my crush. He felt so bad after so he was trying to give me a hug. I was kinda,embarrassed.

So i cried that day because i forgot that we were leaving. So when we were leaving, we kinda hugged. The first song we heard in the car was " Your way to beautiful girl". Now on when i hear that song, it reminds me of him.

 i asked my aunt if we could see him again, she said" You are never seeing that boy again because you know what? He stole my thousand dollar bracelet". i cry because of the thought that i would never see him again, makes me want to cry, and never stop.

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