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Pride ruined the angels~ ~Emerson

We met in 6th grade. He was the popular guy and I was the quiet girl. Our first conversation was an argument and that became a trend throughout the year. But somehow between the fights and disagreements we had, there were moments of true happiness where he completely took my breath away. He would ask me out occasionally but considering his reputation as a player I would always reject it, though it would kill me to do. I was afraid of being hurt, though he promised he would never hurt me. I was too prideful to chance it. The year went on and against my earnest struggle I was falling more deeply for him. The more he reached for me the further away I pushed myself. I was in constant battle with myself. Part of me wanting so badly to be with him the other part telling myself to stay away. So I was mean to him, in that elementary school way. Acting like I didnt like him to hide how I really felt. Then one day he cornered me. He said that all year he had tried to be my friend and that I had continued to reject him. He asked why, but how was I to explain that my actions towards him were only to hide how I truly felt? He waited for my response but I couldn't say anything without the possibility of uncontrollably spilling my heart out to him. So he walked away, and that was our last conversation. The last day of school rather than saying his goodbyes to his friends he stood alone with a clenched jaw and watched me until I left. I changed schools in high school, and have only seen him once since then. At the county fair he stared at my with smouldering eyes as I looked back trying to hide the tears welling up in my eyes. Any other onlooker would have assumed we were enemies, but the look in his eyes told me that he hasn't forgotten, only now it's my turn to make the move. I being the prideful coward that I am just kept walking and never said a word. I still think about him ever day. I think I always will.

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