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The man i fell in love with

Well it all started when my sister made an account for me on MySpace. I had added my friends etc..then i receive a message from an unknown person..we start talking and getting to know each other more and more each day..After 3 months of taking & getting to know each other he asks me to be a couple i said yes. and he calls me that night..telling me sweet things etc..After 5 months of being together he tells me he believes he is falling in love with me..For me he was perfect.everything about him I loved..

Time passes by and i tell him "Remember that night you told me you were falling in love with me?"

He says"YEAH i remember what about it?"

I said "well I'm in LOVE with you."

he smiles and says "I'm in love with you to babe"

We continue to talk on the phone for 3 hours. we say good night and hang up.

a year passes by and we reminisce on he old times and good times we had and they were more to come he says...5 months pass and were madly in love with each other..

We thought we were meant to be with each other. he had stolen my heart and i had his. until one day he calls me and starts apologizing. i ask him what had happened he says he has a 3 yr old daughter that he had no idea of i start crying on the phone while he continues telling me how sorry he is. i tell him "well i thought you were a virgin why would you lie about something so serious" he says "I'm sorry." i tell him "i cant do this anymore."

its been a year since this has happened I'm still madly in love with him. i tell him that to but he has found somebody new to replace me.

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