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I will always love him - for the rest of my life.

Well-how can I start..from the beginning; my sister open up a myspace account for me just because and then I found some old friends etc..then I started to get friend request and messages from people that I did not know. I had my profile on private because I don't trust people and I was scared of crazy people out there. One day after my sister b-day on December of 07-I had been dealing and thinking that I was in love with a guy who I had a relationship for 5 yrs but I was not in love. He had helped me out to get up and feel confident again after I had a break up with the father of kids. I never loved the father of kids but he made me feel real bad because he was a lied but that besides the point.


I thought I love this guy from 5yrs but when Scott sent me a msg on my space I was like he is not the type of guys I date not because he was ugly but because he look different., well we continue talking and messaging each other etc..I never thought that I was going to date him but it happen. We went out on Christmas day and when I saw him the first thing I did was kiss him and he kiss me too..he said this is bizarre it feels like I know you from before and after that day I never stop thinking about him.


He was so sweet to me - something I had never had in my life but I fear for my heart. I knew it was going to hurt me at the end I waited for 1yr 1/2 for the day the hurt will come and it did but I can't forget about him and I keep him in my heart and I know I have to learn something from this but I still don't know what it is.


I just want him to be happy and to really find that love he has been searching for. He doesn't want to be my friend because he says that I will never change and that he is tired and that we can make peace because if we do we always end up together....I don't know anymore but I do remember him every day and he crosses my mind all the time.


He was sweet, caring, he always made love to me and he wasn't like other guy's that sleep with you and you leave in the middle of the night all alone. He always made sure I was ok and walked me to my car and huged me 2-3 times. He will always hug me thru the night and kiss me all the time. We used to hug and lay together watching t.v. and talking and spend time.


I miss him with all my heart- he will always call me his sweetheart, kuckoobird, baby, but mostly I was his SWEATHERT....The way he is so caring and attentinve....he won my heart and I try to forget but I can't let him go...I ask God for him every day and I hope that he is happy and that he will never feels hurt like mine. I just want him to be happy even if I don't have his LOVE....

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