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I want to tell him

It all started in high school i was in year 9 and he was in year 11 i went off on holiday and the day i came back i realised that i was in love with him.

when i was around him i couldn's stop looking at him i loved the way he smiled and the way he smelled when i was close to him but when ever i wanted to talk to him my heart would beat faster and faster then the day came where he had to leave high school and go to college i was so upset.

i cried for hours at end i couldn't sleep or even eat i had lost a lot of weight thinking about him he was always on my mind my friends told me to forget about him but i couldn't he was the first ever guy that i loved.


as i got older i tried realy hard forgettign about the one i loved and who was the only guy i loved my whole entire life. When i left high school and started my new year at college and made new friends i forgot about the guy i fell in love with back in high school. But then i found out that the guy that i was meaning to tell that i loved him for so long was sent to prison all my feelings for him started flooding back i wondered if he was and what he had done to end up in prison. 


I did some reaserch on the computer and finding out more about him i asked most of his frineds who knew him and found out that he commited a seriouse crime and he could get life in pmprisonment. I know you might be thinking i am stupied falling in love with a guy who has been in prison for something he did but thats what love does to you i guess you can't help who you fall in love with. I prayed day and night for him to win his trial i stopped eating agin and become very depressed my friends kept asking me what was wrong but i wouldnt tell them i was anxiouse to find out if he was free from prison or not i dont know why i prayed for him he didn't even know me. But i wanted him to be ok and i didn't want no harm to come in his way days passed and my mum started to notice that something wasn't right but i couldn't tell her.


I woke up at 6 in the morining i got dressed and wore my jacket and trainers i usually skipped breakfast even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I ran to the bus station as i waited for an hour for my buss to arrive i couldn't stop thinking about him when my bus arrived i waited for the people to get off the bus i payed 95p and sat quietly in front of the bus i put my head down and couldn't get my head around what he had done and hopeing that god could help him. The bus started to move and stopped at the traffic lights i had a strange feeling that someone was watching me out of the window on my right i couldn't help it but look. My heart startd to race my eye were glued to his it was him the guy that i was obsessed with and loved so much he was sitting in his car my eyes were still fixed to his then the lights changed and that was the last time i was him.


I had found out that he was free from prison and he had won the trile but i wanted to tell him that i loved him maybe we were meant to be together. But all i know is that maybe one day we wil meet again and then maybe i can tell him how  i feel about him  but all i can do is wait for him and then my heart will once beat again.



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