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Finally Had 3nough!

4yrs together an i really thought he was the one, He was two years younger than me. And i was happy in love, everything a girl wanted i felt with (Zach).But than one day he started to act like a jerk, and showing of in front of his family and friends. That's not the guy who i met on our first day, and than started dating from their. He would smoke all the time, I'm not a smoker and i don't like kissing an ash tray either. He also smoked marijuana everyday, things started to go down hill. I would tell him how i felt about it but i couldn't get through, My family told me that i can do SO much better, And deserve a man that is going to show me respect and love me. Their was Something about him that i loved i just can explain to anyone, if i can go back an get what he has taken from me i would. He really hurt me just left me in the blue, i want him to hurt as much as i am but i know he is out their having a great time. So tell me Zach am the one who makes you sweat am the one who you think of in bed, when the lights are off an your wishing i was next too you, Than think of what you put me through an hope to god everything was worth losing me, cause I've got more with a better kiss an a better person who is going to show me Respect, 

But you'll never meet a Girl who is going to love you as much as i did. 

                      !Remember Sweetie you had m3 Remember!





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