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True love waits..

So back in May, 2007 is when i met him. It started off as just friends and i never thought it would be anything more. See, he was a little older then mr and i thought it would be "cool" to hang out with him when ever i got the chance too. After a couple months of getting to know eachother he had asked me to be his girl. Now dont get me wrong i started having feelings for him, but at the time still talking to other guys. About a month into our relationship i made the worst mistake and cheated on him.. After a while i dated a few people to get him off my mind, and i realized that he really did like me and together we had something. Talking to him chnged everything and those other guys i dated couldnt compare to him.

We got back together and everything was so right.. well mostly everything. My mom didnt want me with him because of the age difference, but it didnt stop us back then. We managed to get by for almost a year being compleatly in love. Then a new "friend" came along in my life. He startrd liking me witch in return my boyfriend didnt like so much. So i told him nothing would happen and everything would he fine. Well it turns out since i was seeing my boyfriend less and less i would hang with my friends more and more including my "new friend". So gradualy i started liking him while still being in love with my boyfriend but he had no idea. Then one night at a sleep ove i had waken up and he was awake too.. we had sex and my biyfriend never knew. maybe a week later he'd heard rumors that i cheated on him but i was too in love and just didnt want to hurt him like i had in the past. This boy was my life and i couldnt let him down again. so he decide we would take a break even though he didnt know the truth. Its been about year now since we've been together but after seeing him again we both talked and agreed that we both still uad the same feelings for each other despite what had happened. And when the time is right one day we'll be together like we were always ment to be.. and be tigether for all eturnity.

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