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This is a story about a stupid girl who easily believe someone that passed by to her life.


She is very weak in terms of making love with those guys that she likes.


One day, one guy has a crush on this girl. He always looking for  this girl until there was a point that he saw the girl in the elevator...


He called the girl and ask for the email address. Then the girl tell her email address and the elevator closed.


The guy email the girl immediately.. The guy, emailed his mobile number, what he feels to the girl


Then the stupid girl replied with her number



The guy texted the girl immediately..


They texted each other every minute.. every hour... everyday for the one whole weeks


And then, there was a celebration and the guy fetch the girl in the venue and then go to their house.



The guy cooked food for the girl... they tell stories with each other...  The stupid girl felt tired and sleepy.


So they decide to sleep.


The guy can't sleep and keep interrupting the girl.


At the fouth time the guy did that.. The girl said, " i told you.. off limits"... Then the guy stops and close his eyes.



But the guy so that again until the girl felt that she also like the feeling.


Then...that is the time that they did that thing that they not supposed to do.


They where both happy... the guy show sweetness with the girl. The girl appreciate everything despite she only knew the guy for a week until they separated ways on that day.



The girl thinks a lot of the the things they were with each other. The girl thinks that she fell in love with that guy... The girl was exited to receive a text from that guy...


Minute... Hours.... Day  pass by still the guy didn't text her. The girl called her to say hi. But after that call when the girl text him, there is no reply at all.


The girl was worried, very sad and very upset. She thinks that, the guy just wanted to have sex with her.. Cause after the day that that thing was happen, the guy didn't make any effort to text her to see her...


But until now... the stupid girl still hoping that this stupid guy will still text her soon....

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