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This love is......

so lets start out with the fact im a freshmen and i fell for a senior.he is amazing and he likes me as much as i like him well that was at first.Things were going perfect intill...i found out he has a kid :[ but i didnt care i was still with him he is one of the popular boys at school.he is soso amazing we dated for about 4 months i had sex with him. after that he left me :[ he found a new girlfriend so apparently he played me ! but to be honest if he wanted me back i would go back to him in a heart beat ! but JUST a couple days ago i found out he got the new girlfriend pregnant so now hes has TWO kids. the thing is he dont even like his new girlfriend he is only with her cause she has money well thats what he says. but now that he graudrated i am slowly getting over him :)


sorry if its too long !

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