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Dont say something you dont mean.

Once there was a girl. she wished she could be with this boy.

Girl:are we ever gonna be together? *cries*

Boy: yes! but i cant tell anybody tho.

Girl:Why not?

Boy: i don't know

Boy: i have to go bye xxx

Girl : okay. bye..xx

She arrived home. safely couldn't stop thinking about him..

   Few minutes later... the girl sends him a text message saying "will you go out with me? please...'' she didn't receive a text message back from him.

she didn't sleep at all that night.

it was time for school. she was so excited to see him at school that day. but unfortunately she didn't see him...

this girl comes towards her and says "Did he tell you? where going out with each other..?"

girl "What!?"

that girl "i asked him out last night on msn.. he should have told you!! i told him to tell you!:

girl "quite. tears pouring out of her eyes) "but he didn't.."

  Later that day she arrived home from school. she went straight to the computer knowing he would be on at Exactly 4:00pm

Girl: Why didn't you tell me!?

Boy: tell you what?

Girl: that you were going out with that girl!..

Boy: i didn't want to upset you

Girl: to late for that..

Girl: how could you.. she knew i loved you so much..

Boy: yes i know I'm really sorry ):

Girl feels like killing her self. nothing more to live for.. the boy said he loved her that he would be with her, if he was single.. he told her that he loved her and wanted to be with her.

   The girl left him.. then he knew how it felt.. she asked him out again. and the boy said NO!

she asked him "is all the things you said opposite? does it mean I'm ugly? that you hate me? that you never want to be with me?

boy "maybe"

the girl waited 2 seconds and thought, do i really belong in this world?

   Next morning.. her mother wakes up hearing screaming in the bathroom. she runs to the bathroom.. To find her daughter holding a knife in one hand.. bleeding to death. Suddenly her eyes closed softly and she never woke up again..

                         Her mother found a piece of paper in her loving daughters hand  with bloody finger prints on it...  on the note it says "Tell him. Am i pretty enough for you now?"

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