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True love comes at once

 I was 19 when I met Bonnie, a teenage guy from Mindanao who worked in our town. He was my co-worker in a grocery store,then became my close friend. I like the guy so much but I never let him know the happiness I felt every time I was with him. Until one day, he confessed that he started to fall in love with me. I was really surprised because I never noticed that he felt the same way, too. We became lovers and share each other dream. Until we had our first kiss. It was very funny to know that I was his first kiss.  Bonnie completed every second of my day with full of happiness. Never thought that it will end in a very painful way. He decided to went back to Mindanao to pursue his college. I was left alone, didn't know how to start again without him. there were many nights that I spent crying and longing for him. But there's nothing I did but to move on.   We kept in touched through mobile phones and the happiness we felt were persuaded. Though, we are long distance, it seems were near to each other. We exchanges letters and e-mails too. We thought we have a strong relationship, but everything went wrong. I was started to lose hope, thinking there's no possibility for us to met again. In fact, he never left  any promises that he will come back for me so I gave up our almost-perfect relationship.  It was really hard to move on, I changed my number, my e-mail add and tried to settle everything with a new life. I entertained new suitors too just to forget him. But so stupid of finding a new one just to find the personality of Bonnie from him. Thought I could find a perfect love again just the way I did before, but it always end up crying.  After three years of moving on, I tried to live alone and focused to my studies. And thank God, I finished my college with an academic distinction. But the moments of him, kept flashing back to my memories, until I asked myself "How is he, now?" Until one day, I wasn't expecting that my question will be answered. I decided to clean my room that day, when my old diary suddenly fell on my feet. I turned the pages and read some happy moments and as I turned to the last page, I saw a familiar number...it was Bonnie's aunt number. I sent a text message to the number saying "Hi, i am a schoolmate of bonnie, I want to know if he would come to our Reunion?" but there was no reply at all. I just thought that the number is already out of service because it was three long years. On the other day at exactly 12 noon, I received a text message from an unknown number. I felt I was poured by a chilling water when I read the message saying. "Hi, this is Bonnie, may I know who sent the message for me last night please?" I can't hide the joy and the excitement I felt that day. I tried to pretend as his old schoolmate but he can't catch up the name that I used. Until I said "There's no reunion will be happening, I'm only fooling you," Then he replied "yeah, i noticed, who are you?", He kept on asking my real name till he said "I know Bhelle it's you, stop kidding me!" We are both glad to know that we are both fine and still single. To make my story short, we persuaded our lost relationship and that time we planned  to build our own family.  Last 2007, I used to work in one of call centers in Ortigas and he was also in Manila  for his visa and passport to work outside the nation. On our first meeting, I was really so excited for seeing him after five long years. He looks very well and very charming unlike those past years since the first time  we met.  My heart beat fast every time were together and it was really obvious that we both love each other. WE spent the days left before he took off his flight and left me again. We never agreed for anything as promises really made to be broken. Just come what may to prevent ourselves getting hurt again. I let him go and so I live my own life, seems I wasn't affected to be left behind.  In fact, I let somebody to court me and be my part-time partner. Never thought that I already found my life time partner. I got pregnant and presently, I'm living with him with our baby. And I don't know how to tell him that there's nobody waiting for him.  Though I am already committed to a responsibility, Bonnie can't get out of my heart because even he wasn't deserve for me, at least once in my life, I found my true love and he will always be a part of me.

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