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The Illness of my Mother and her journey to Heaven

Let me introduced first myself I am Rosa, 33 years old and living in The Netherlands.

Yesterday May 06, 2009 I lost my mother from a diseased called Multiple Myoloma Plasma Cell Cancer.

Last December 29, 2008 I and my husband having a family visit in the Philippines, we celebrate the New Years Eve 2009 with my family. We eat together and we having firing fireworks.

But January 02, 2009 my mother brought to hospital for admission due to hard breathing. Then she's hospitalized for 14 days, in those days the doctor first diagnose that she has a cell cancer which is incurable but treatable as per physician advise.The moment that we know that she been diagnose this kind of diseased, the whole family been gathered together to discuss on what the best way we can help our mother, so we are all agreed that we gonna all things we can possibly do just to make her happier for the last moment of her life.Then we make an immediate action to beautify her bedroom that after her come back from hospital she feel good.

I did talk and laugh with my mother and I comb her hair that is always my task even from before.Buy good food for her everything she like.

The last time that is January 26 I need to go back to Holland, then I told her mother I am leaving I going back, then she told me okey call me when you get there.

So a minute upon my arrival at home I call back home to tell them that I been arrived.But my mother is hospitalized again for the 2nd time.Her doctor give a second opinion that she got a Multiple Myoloma Plasma Cells Cancer.After a week she been brought at home and stayed there for more or less a month, then I call her and she said she is now okey, and talk and laugh again.She is at home and already being happy, but in the middle of April she hospitalized again for the 3rd time stayed a week in the hospital until she get back home.

My mother start hardly can't breath anymore, that even the last blood transfusion is not effective anymore, antibiotics doesn't work no more, due to hard medicines and injections it make her suffer in seven days without drinking and eating.

So last April 30 then she start not to eat and drink anymore.The she also start to request my father, brothers and sisters and she told my older sister that we have to take good care to our father.May 01 I give a call at home then I heard my mother saying "we cant do nothing anymore" and she start humming for pain and also my last word telling her "MAMA".

It breaks my heart and blow my mind away with heartache.

And yesterday May 06 she is telling my sisters that she has a long journey with her mother and she said I am tired now, and my sisters told her okey hold tight to your mothers hand the she will never leave you then she replied okey I will,the later she give up her breath.I lost my mother and hardly to believe and difficult to accept.

Now, I cant be able in the funeral due to finacial problem that I spend a lots of money for the hospitalization and we just been there for visit, which is cost us a lots, I would love to come also but I cant have it all and she knows that I never selfish with her because she's not also

But my mother knows how much I love her, so she really understand because that's the way i knew her.

She is the best mother that every child can ever get, loving, caring and God fearing person.

I love you mother.

Thank you for reading this also a way to take my sadness away.

Best regards,


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