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Love that lasts forever

i started liking mark in 10th grade. he is married now. serge was in 12th grade at that time... i never noticed him that way.. i don't even remember talking to him after school. just shake his hand... but after a bit of time passes by, i could remember him looking at me and coming up and saying what's up? who made you cry?

he liked me that time, but i liked mark... i found out that serge likes me.. i mean, this guy was always on my mind.. he just never payed attention to me. one day he came up to me after school and said "i found out something about you." and it was that i like mark.. i started like serge... and he started to get over me already.

now two years pass... i am still in love with serge, i am 18, he is 19... eh.. i just really like him to much!!! there are times when he flirts with me.. there has been a lot. where he wants me to sit with him in a resuarant.. take me home.. text me good morning and good night.. and after time passes.. he just walks by me in church, like he doesn't know me.

my.. if only he knew how i can give away anything for him. i am a bit of a shy person. i blush a lot... especially when i am around him, :( but not always.. not when i get used to him. we had some good times together.

i remember one day i spent a day with him... and monday at school.. i felt so heartbroken.. i felt like my other half was taken away from me. i was alone!! i cried in my classes, keeping things to myself.. it was the most depressing day of my life.. he told me he is leaving for a month.. that broke my heart. i wanted to give him the biggest hug and never let him go, tell him i love him, whenever he dropped me off home, i still pray to God about serge.. i don't know how long to wait for him.. if a have to, i will wait all my life.. because i can't love anyone else then same way....... :(

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