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KARMA Isn't it

me and my friends is with the varsity players of our school one of them is my boy let but i cached his friend staring at me so my friend and I did some naughty things my friend wrote my number in a piece of tissue and we gave it to him secretly.After that event we started texting each other,he started to ask more of me,I didn't told him that I have a boyfriend because i like him so much but his friend told him that I had a boyfriend he ask me about it and i admit it.I'm scared that's why I didn't tell him about me and my boyfriend because I don't want him to go.So I didn't expect that he will text me after he knows everything but i was wrong.He started waiting for me every after class and since SM is near in our school we used to eat our dinner together.Then one day he ask me to watch a movie.So inside that cinema we kissed.After that we became more close.We used to date,he used to call and text me he told me that he loves me he want me to broke up with my boyfriend but i can't.I just think I love him but I don't want to give up my boyfriend.I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED his presence disappear.One week later he text me that everything he said is untrue he didn't love nor likes me he told me that his just teaching me a lesson and so as i read his text I didn't notice that my tears falls, i cried so hard because I believe in everything he said to me.Maybe it's what we call KARMA.He told me that we should cut our communication.Three weeks later I was shocked because my friend told me that he is telling his friend that we make love and that's not true!!I confronted him and he just give me a silly smile and he walks out of my way.In spite of what was happened me and my boyfriend are still together so it is good that you and your boyfriend is in different school.

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