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The kiss that scarred me for life!

It was February 2003 on a Saturday, me and my friends where up for going to this party across the valley from us.  There I met him he was a bit taller then me brown hair brown eyes pretty good build I guess.

I was never the most confident of girls, all ways got picked on in school which was why I was so shocked when he came up to me that evening. Me and my friend Lucy went to sit down by him and his friends god I was so shy I hardly said anything, just a few words. He got up and went to the dance floor just showing off doing hand stands moving around as he was that type of guy.  

Later on that evening we went into there house which I must say isn't exactly small. We all went to the living room his little brother was asleep on the sofa so he took him upstairs to bed, compared to the man he was trying to be before I was shocked and that's when I started to like him.

My friend Lucy and my sister sat on the sofa opposite I sat by him and his friend. I can remember shaking and feeling so hot and sweaty. His friend fell asleep and at this moment I cant even remember where my friend and sister was. I was thinking in my head should I touch his hand or not but I just went for it. Every other guy that kissed me before used to much tongue and I just felt sick. But he just happened to kiss me like I completely forgot where I was like it was just me and him. I remember opening my eyes at one point to see what he looked like when he was kissing me and he had his eyes closed like he was somewhere else. I asked him to walk me home after but it was so late and he said no. I was all ways so scared of the dark but this time I wasn't.

Every time I see him now he looks at me like he wants to tell me something but we just walk past each other. Now I am engaged to someone else and he is married. Now I just think about him everyday and I wish it never happened.

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