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Love and Fate

It was the last week of February. Another Sunday night has come to end the day as I watched all thepeople living in the surrounding block go home. Lights were turningoff as the night grew deeper. Everyone is hitting the hay earlybecause tomorrow is another working day. Human life has been aroutine, they wake up, eat, go out, go home, and sleep. Is that whatthey call life? We'll, I also don't have other life that stand herein this mount of soil in this small park, wait for the rain to come and water me, and watch all these people, come and go.

I noticed these two people, a girl anda guy passed by me. It was around midnight. She was walking withouther shoes, while he keeps laughing at her. I'm guessing there'ssomething wrong with her foot. Minutes passed and I noticed thatthey were walking back to the park. They were still laughingtogether. The girl noticed the black cat in the corner and theysomewhat talking to her. People has always thought that black catsbring bad luck, and I don't understand why.

After murmuring some stuffs to the poorcat, they started walking towards the Chinese Hut beside me. He nowis helping her take her seat, and then he settles himself right nextto her. He stared at her and smiled. She in return smiled at himand set her head on his shoulders. She held his arm. She seemed tobe in peace. They started talking about her sleeping in the train. Laughs, words giggles, stares, whispers, I've seen them all. Theylook very happy. She suddenly grabbed his hands, 'Come on, let'sdance!' She took her mobile phone from her pocket and played a song. He took her hand and they waltzed through the small lighted hut. Hewas graceful, he held her waist, closed his eyes and put his cheeknext to hers. She, on the other hand moves clumsily. She put herleft hand in his shoulders, held his hand and watched his feet move. She watched and followed his steps. She would always laugh out loudwhen she can't follow, while his eyes stayed firmly closed as he heldher tighter and closer. After a few steps, she was able to keep up. She didn't notice that she has been holding him tight too, themappearing to be hugging. He gently moved his head and stared in hereyes, she smiled and got loose as the music stopped. He was shakinghis head while she took her seat. He joined her and closed his eyes. She hugged him and talked. She was touching his hair, his cheek,his face, tracing the lines of his nose, his eyes. She stared athim. I saw too many expressions in that stare, too many unsaidwords. It's the same as the stare that I do when I look up in thesky and gaze upon the stars and the moon, the amusement that I feeleverytime I see them hanging in the horizons. She sighed.

“How awkward it is that I am thisclose, this close to you.” She uttered. He moved his head andopened his eyes, stared at her eyes.

“Very...” a whisper.

There was silence. I don't know howlong they stared at each other. She kissed him for a second or twoand then pulled away. She blushed. He was frozen. He didn't moveas their eyes were still locked together. He touched her hair, hercheek, her eyes, her lips, pulled her towards him and kissed herback. I can hear her throbbing heart in the silence of the night. It seems as if all the lights in the park turned towards them,illuminating that sweet kiss they were sharing. I heard the treesclapped their leaves as the cold wind blew over the park. It seemsas if all the living creature in the park stopped to gaze at thatwonderful kiss. The world around them stopped. In the middle of thedead night, the only living thing that exists are two of them.

“I'm sorry...” she muttered andtears welled from her eyes.

She had liked him from the very firsttime she saw him. It was sometime October last year at her homechurch in Singapore. He was wearing a white shirt and jeans. Hepassed by the room where they were having their snacks and 'Boom!',there was this sudden impact that hit her. She didn't know his name,she was waiting for anybody to introduce them, but nobody did. Withall the guts that she has, she walked towards them on the break andintroduced herself to their group. She was too nervous with what shewas doing that she didn't even remember their names, all their names,especially his name. Stupid her. The days continued and she wasfishing some information about him, still not knowing his name. Shehad stalked his Pastor's Facebook account to find his pictures. Onemorning she was walking towards home and her churchmate called herup. They were talking about this other new guy at church who hasbeen bothering her. He plays the guitar and he has shown too muchinterest in seeing her everyday. She has told guitar guy that shelikes someone from the other group, but she can't remember the name. She asked her friend on the phone the name of the guy, and lo beholdalas, she finally knew it, after weeks of stalking and fishing. Weeks passed and she would see him once in a while at church. He hada lot more things to do, but makes it to a point to rush to churchwhen he finishes it. Christmas was a breakthrough. She was able tospend time with him and his friends. Her set of friends are all inKuala Lumpur for Christmas. She celebrated Christmas at her uncle'splace. Later in the afternoon, she was asked to join them for amovie but she refused. She headed straight to her friends' house. He was there, as she expected. They started to be close. She calledher Kuya (big brother) and he called her Sis (little sister). Beforeshe knew it, they have been exchanging SMS's and emails the days thatfollowed. Phone calls also started to pour. New Year's Day wasanother big holiday for the two of them. She was in her friends'house for New Year, and he was also there. She cooked macaroni andcheese and he went out for a while while she was cooking. Too bad hedidn't make it to the countdown and she was very upset. The nextday, she went out with him and his friends again. She was also setto fly back to Manila the next day. They continued exchanging mailseveryday until she came back after two weeks.

She was back and that's when theystarted going out. They met almost everyday. They talked on thephone twice or thrice a day. They watched Cinderella the musicaltogether. They had late night dinners at McDonald's. They hadcoffee and walked almost a kilometer or two on Valentine's Day. Theywatched movies. They stargazed while laying on wide green fieldsunder the sky. He taught her to dance and they waltzed under thebeaming moonlight. She dragged him across the pedestrian lane somany times. They talked, laughed and cried together. They sangbeautiful duets while killing time together. She cooked lunch,brought it in his office and they had lunch together. They went toshop for grocery and cooked dinner together. He stared at her fromafar. She did likewise.

And it brings it to now. Now he'sholding her in his arms, crying.

“Where have you been?” his voicewas shaking. He kissed her in the forehead, hugging her very tight.

It was the first time they confessedtheir love for each, but it was also the night they realized thatthey can't be together. He's engaged and will be married on July.

They were brought together by love and separated by fate.

**The writer used a third person to write her story.

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