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My first true love... whom happened to live across the ocean from me. I, who was 16 and he was 18. Even though, he lives across the waters, my feelings grew for him stronger in the 5-6 months we stayed in contact with another. As time passed, my feelings deepened, and I fell in love with the boy overseas.

That one day when I confessed that I fallen for him, was the start of everything. Even though the ocean separated us, I did not give up. Internet, phone calls, on line phone chats, International texts, mailing of gifts, etc. He told me every day he loves me. He told his friends that he loves me but... I had this sinking feeling that there was something else.

I was blinded by him. I was blinded by love.

When he came to visit me, our moments together just made me believe in us more; our future. The words that came out of his mouth... love, you, forever and...

'Nothing is impossible.'

Suddenly... his responses on the Internet have been slow, the phone chats had lessen, then it went to weeks of no contact what so ever. Tears poured down for days and still no word from him. Til, weeks later, he asks me...

Do you believe that we be together?

Tears... down my face. He was pushing me away. I respected his decision... and stayed as friends until I found out, there was her. My heart... which was already broken, just shattered more.

He lied to me and since that day, we have not spoke to another.

It's been months...

Every day, my mind thinks of him. My heart yearns for him and I try to fight back but I always lose... and the tears fall.

I had to fall in love with the boy overseas.

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