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Love is Complicated

When I was in the forth grade I met this guy. He was one of my classmates. One day I decided to eat alone in the canteen. He approached me and we began talking to each other. He became my close friend. He always comfort me when I'm sad.

 I soon developed feelings for him. I told my best friend about my crush for him then one day she told me she thinks he has a crush on her. Soon the news began to spread and both my crush and best friend avoided me. Then I saw my so-called-best friend spread rumors about me. Even my crush won't talk to me anymore. I felt like crying. 

The year after that everyone forgot all that has happen. Me and the boy were getting along quite well but we're not exactly friends. Then I befriended this one guy. People then started teasing us that we have a relationship or something. This of course wasn't true. I only like him as a friend. I got into a fight with him but we eventually worked things out. I made friends with him again because he seems really miserable about it and I don't really want to treat him this way.

In our last year in grade school everything changes. From zero I became one of the most popular girls. Everything seems so perfect until I befriended this guy. He seems so nice first. I soon developed a crush. When he found out he began avoiding me. At least now no one hates me.

I became the tenth honor and they placed me in between my grade four crush who is the eighth honor and my fifth grade friend who is the best in conduct on stage in the graduation (In our school anyone who has an award gets to sit on stage during the graduation). During the grad practice I befriended my forth grade crush and began developing feelings for him again. I sense something strange with fifth grade friend though. He seems so interested in knowing the people I had a crush on.

Things went great. Then one day a close friend told me that my forth grade crush also had a crush on me. I of course became happy. I then remembered my fifth grade friend. He once gave me a gift on Valentines day. I then thought that one day I'll find the right one but not now I'm too young. Now I'm only just a teenager who gets a crush one in a while but I think I'm not ready yet for a relationship. It's only a crush and love is so complicated. Now I'm leaving that school for good and I'm going to study in one of the finest schools in my country. It's time to move on.

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