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bsp;††††††The way we met was by accident, none of us meant for this to happen. He and I knew it was wrong. Its not very romantic how we met, he was rolling for the first time and I was drunk. Yes, I know tisk tisk on me. We were lying on this abnormally small couch, just talking and staring at each other as if we would never see each other again. He finally leaned in for a kiss; Iíve never felt anything like it. I was in awe. He leaned back like he was scared, he asked me what I felt when I kissed him. I said it felt right? I wasnít too sure what to say. He said he literally felt electricity. I started to laugh, because well I felt it too. Kissing him was so amazing. We ended up hooking up that night, now when I woke up in the morning I was kind of bummed out cause I thought all he wanted was sex. But when I was lying there he turns over and starts caressing my face. It was something I wasnít use to.† ††††† Little did I know he was the lead singer of Less Than Famous, and he was 22. He came in from Chicago with his amazing voice. I started to freak out because me being only 17 new this was wrong. We started talking in the morning, and when I told him my age he started to freak out. I just sat there not knowing what to do. He looked at me, tilting his head, are you really 17? People never believe me when I tell them because I look like Iím way older. I donít want to stay away from you he said. Iím too fascinated by you, you make me want more, you make me want to know everything about you. Kissing you was too amazing for me to just walk away acting like it didn't††happen because it did and Iím glad it happened. ††††††††††††† The next four weeks I spent with him were probably the best weeks of my life. Everything was so perfect, he was so perfect. I didnít want to let go of him. He started talking about the future; he asked me if I would wait for him. I didnít know what he meant. He told me he was going back to Chicago to settle things with his family, he said he would be back in a month, now I was cool with this, kind of sad but I could handle a month. It was his last week here and I planned on spending it with him. I tried calling and texting him, no reply. It was midnight and finally I get a text saying, ďI left my band, too much shit was happening, I cant do this anymore, Iím leaving tomorrow.Ē I didnít know what to say, I felt as if my heart fell right out of my butt. That night I ended up getting smashed. I didnít want to think about him, I wanted to forget him. ††

†††††††††††† A painful month goes by, donít here from him. Heís still in Chicago. A week later my best friend texts me in excitement telling me she has to talk to me ASAP. Turns out Travis called her and was saying how much he missed me and just wants to be with me again. He has this plan for four of us to get a house together and live together; he said he has a job and plans on coming out in two months when he gets his act together. Iím just sitting there feeling as if Iíve just been punched in the face several times. I couldnít take this all in. Why would he call me? If he missed me so much why couldnít he contact me? I didnít understand any of it. I called him; I almost started to cry, because hearing his voice for the first time in a long time was indifferent. I asked him if it was all-true, he said yes he meant every word of it and wants it to happen. So it was all planned. Again a month goes by, and no calls or anything. Here I am now, writing this unfinished story. I wonder about him everyday. I wonder if he ever thinks about me? Iíve given up hope. Now I just think of it as something great that happened in my life. I guess weíll see if he ends up coming back. Thereís still one month to goÖ

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