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Broken Promise

        I was only in second year high school when I met this guy. Alex is his name. He was a friend of my cousin. At first, hindi ko siya masyadong napapansin thinking that he was just an ordinary guy. Actually hindi ko talaga siya pinapansin kasi nga new acquaintance pa lang. Basta days, weeks and months past we never talk even for a while. Everytime me and my cousin are together she always ask me out and hang out together with Alex and his peers. Hindi naman ako tumatanggi because I know that she had a crush on him. Well, that time I don't care what kind of relationship they have. Then, something happened which I will never forget for the rest of my life. Holy week non. And we used to join alay lakad every year. But this time mas happy kami kasi nadagdagan ang barkada. After we arrived at the white cross in Antipolo, nangyari ang bagay na pinagsisisihan ko ngayon. After we buy some sapin for us to sleep in, hindi sinasadya na magkatabi kami ni Alex. And para naman hindi kami mabore pareho, I tried to talk to him and I was amazed coz madaldal pala siya. Masaya and may sense kausap. No dull moments para sakin nung gabing yun. Then it was time to go home na. We bid each other goodbye. But after that, we've never talked or even seen each other because me and my family moved to a new place. I felt sad because we started to know each other. But all I can do that time is to sigh. And para hindi masyadong malungkot, I've got his cellphone number ng palihim from my cousin's phone. I know it's very unethical but that's all I can do that time. Then months past, naging kami through text. Masaya na ko non kasi lihim lang ung relationship namin. Sabi ko sa kanya hintayin niya muna kong makagraduate then we will reveal our relationship. Nahihiya kasi ako nun sa pinsan ko. And he gave his promise. Sabi pa nga niya hihintayin niya ko no matter how long it will take. After that, he said more I love you's. 1 week before my graduation, he didn't text me, he didn't even answered my calls. Hindi ako nakatiis, I've texted a common friend. And para kong mababaliw sa sinabi niya. Alex had a girlfriend for years. Feeling ko that time gusto kong manuntok, manampal, manipa sa sobrang galit at sakit. I'm such a fool. Yes I admit it. Nagpaloko ako sa unang lalaking minahal ko. And you know what, during my graduation rites, I was crying, not because I have graduated in high school, but because of the pain Alex made. I was crying because I remembered all those promises he made. And it still hurts... until now. Promises are really meant to be broken.

(This story happened 6 years ago, but it still causing me pain until now.)

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