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It was over

i was in highschool when i met JM,actually we were schoolmates...he is the hearthrob of our school because hes handsome..wen i first saw him i lyk him na..i thought ako yung pinupuntahan nya sa roon namin but i was wrong..i was shocked when i heard from my friends that JM and MARY are together na,MARY is one of my friends n my classmate also..when i knew it i cried nd cried,i dont know wat to do i was jealous to MARY kahit alam ko na hindi tama..days past ,i knew na wala na sila ng friend ko and from then on JM is olweiz watching me and asking me if its okay na sumabay xa sa akin and i said 'yes'unless kasama ko ang mga friends ko..maraming mga magagandang bagay ang nangyari sa amin and i will never 4get it until my last breath..when i was in 3rd yr i trasnsfered a school and it was not easy for me..but i tried 2 forget him but i cant..unexpected to me i saw him in the cab and i was overjoyed..i become insane at tha tym paalis na ang cab and i run as fast as i can to reach him..but hes gone..alam kona mahirap tagapin kasi hanggang ngayun mahal ko pa rin xa..at sana kung nasan man xa ngayun masaya na xa...

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