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My African Queen

It was a Saturday night in October, when I saw her. She was dancing to a tribal dance in Savannah, Georgia. She was moving her dreads all over the place and that butt, woah it was amazing. She was wearing a african dress and some sandals made of straw. When she finished dancing

I began to conversate with her. After a hour of talking I invited her to dinner. We went to this little African restraunt on the river. She only ate African food. When she ordered her eyes glisstened and her lips looked tasty. She began to eat and all of the sudden a man in an African Outfit walked in and asked her what the hell she was doing with me. He pulled out a whip and started beating her. then he grabbed th knife from the nearby table and stabbed her in the chest about 4 times. I was SHOCKED. I had no idea what was going on. She could have been my lover but i will never know.

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