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Endless, My Summer with Kate...

The ocean brings me forward to the familiar scent of my past heartache. as i lie on the shore i can see the waves dictating me to find a certain peace among the stars. the twilight approaches as it signals darkness, i reminisce the summer that would have been perfectly endless…

as the morning dew hit my face, i think of the times that we were lying in the sandy beach of dreams, her celestial eyes unfold when i look deep into her. a miracle happens every minute i spend with her. starlit skies dances to every move she makes, until the morning breaks to start a new day.

the perfect summer had to end. we both needed to go back to the reality of our worlds. the cool breeze tried to calm my tears but failed for the only summer love i had is about to fade. i looked at her one more time to signal a goodbye, in her cottage i can see her spirit fly. i seized the moment and ran to her side then giving a kiss that was due a long time. i went back to the seashore and bury the memories away… i made the stars in the skies to witness this day… the comets have passed by to send a sign from above. i have to let this feelings go, for the time has come for me to go back… to the place where city lights are blinding… going back my world.

once in a while i go back to the summer where it all started… touching the familiar sand that we once sat in, wishing… one more time i can see those celestial eyes again… and ending up writing a blog… hoping for her to read… with a catchy title…


Roger Anthony Ines


Dubai, UAE

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