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Itz jz a matter of "i thought"

it's jz a matter of "I THOUGHT"..thought he loves me too..but now i was hurt, when he said that he loves someone else,for so long...

he's not sweet to me..but he's otherwise. he's nice to everyone in school except to me..he's mean to me.he's teasing me everyday. and his common line to me "oh..you like me huh :'D " or "YOU WANT TO BE WITH ME?" and etc...this is his dialogue and i don't know where in the earth he thought of this thing. that's why some of people around us learned to tease us and see us as a LOVE-TEAM (so corny)..yes,it's a corny thing but i was captured. Thought that this is for real..that atlas! after so many years i learned how to love someone..(though he's stupid)..and really thought that he's feeling the same way..but i was wondering from then,"if he really likes me.y n0t court me?tsk" ..but i still waited.it took me a year or later than that--waiting.

till one night,..my bestfriend had the idea to text him and make him as a TEXTMATE..so we can figure out what he really feels..since he doesn't know my bestfriend's number..

then the plan was successful.. from that night,he confessed..about this one girl from his highschool life (we're college) that he really love and he's waiting for her for 5 yrs..And the statement he also confessed: and you know, there's a girl in our school who slightly looks and behave like her..I'm always teasing her the things I can't say to my girl..imagining that she is her..I DON'T HAVE a feeling for her but view of her makes me slightly happy since i'm always missing my special girl..

. . . Now i know.., i realized..I'm jz a relic of his girl.. I'm really jz nothng for him.. And everythng was jz a matter of "I THOUGHT".

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