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GOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay where do i start. okkaey!!!!!!! one night i was bored so i call my best guy friend to see wat he wus doin. so he tells me dat he iz chillen wit a family member. so i wus like okay so we start to talk and den he said dat his cuzin had wanna talk to me so i wus like naw cus i didnt no him... so he put him on dha phone and so we jus start to talk. den every since den he had fell fo me but i wusnt fallin fo him... so like every since den he wus blowin my fone up and i hit Dha end button. so one night i wus at my gurlfriend house he had call so diz time i jus pick up to see wat he want so he start tellin me how muc he like me and stuff so i fell fo it. den we start talkin all dha time...


one year later we wus goin wit each other for a year and a couple months he wus my first and shit... he took me to  my dance at skool and we did like every thing wit each other. so wen basketball season came around gain he act like he couldnt call me no moe or he wus tried so i thought dat he wus CHEATiiN on so i wus start talkin to another boy. den he a had call me an ask if i wus cheatin. i wus like naw. so he hung up so i call my other nigga talk to him. so like on valentines day my main nigga didnt call or get me nun but dha other one did so like me and my ma and my cuzin went to the olive garden and we talk bout my main and told me dat he wus nun and dat i should let him go and focus on dha other one should let my main go. so wen i got home i call dha main one and broke up wit his ass. so he got mad and wateva start talk shit i hung up on him. den he call me bck told me dat he wusnt cheatin and shit so i felt bad. so i had want him bck but he said we wusnt gettin bck together i felt like stooipd. so dha other day he call me and told me dat he still had feelin for me i felt mad bcuz it took me a long time to get over him...

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