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the night is getting cold, all of us have partners for our prom, we are excited  for the dance with out partners but i am not,, i am more than  bird who wants to fly away and get out of the ball, my partner is my best friend., he is my bestfriend or thee months mow, although we know each other or for 4 years, we just realized our friendship these past few months. i dint know why he keeps on standing beside me, going to our classroom, our classmates say that we could be together, but i am the one who is avoiding him.. last night our prom night , we danced together, our first dance , i can call it a normal dance, we have feelings for each other , but he is the one  who is expressing his feelings, i am a jerk to control my feelings, everytime he toucher my hand,  i feel something different but i dont like it because  i am controlling my feelings..

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