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You made me stronger

well i don't know if this is really the right thing to do i guess i just want other ladies out there to learn from my experience.

its started when i was a 4th yr college student  and you know how our parents feel if your going to be a graduating student..they are excited and hoping that someday i may have a better future than they have, my dad even asked me a little favor not to enter in a relationship until i finished my studies.i told him yes will not do such thing.

but i broke my promise when i met my bf in the end of the 1st semester. well i guess we were attracted to each other since we met and he courted me and were on..i told my family about him my dad felt disappointed coz i broke my promise but i told him i'm going to finish my studies even if i have a bf.

Carlo got close to my family he even sleeps in our house during the weekends when i go home, i used to rent an apartment in the city with my cousins,,

Carlo and i became more closer to the point that i let him sleep in the apartment with me,on December 2006 my menstruation failed,i can feel somethings not right at that moment but i let it pass and forget about it i started feeling sick every morning on my way to school,so i decide to buy PT and i confirmed that i am really pregnant. i told Carlo about my situation and he seems not bothered at all.but in my situation i don't know how to open up with my family.i can't just go home and tell my parents that i got pregnant because they are expecting me to graduate. but as what the people believe we can't keep secrets for long,my mom noticed my belly and confronted me and i just said yes i am 4 months pregnant at that time,we went home and talk to my dad i was really guilty at that time because i broke my dad's heart i saw my brothers and sister crying because of what happened to me..my dad decided that i will go with my bf to see if he can really look after me and my baby.

so we rented a room in the city i always talk to my bf for him to look for a job now coz sooner or later im going to give birth but his answer is always like this "its not easy to look for job and don't worry my parents can still support us." i became disappointed on him but still trying to understand him coz i love him everyday he will go to his parents house and ask for rice and stuff so that we have something to eat.and mind u guys i only eat once a day im 5months pregnant at that time. but still when ever my mom confronted me ill make excuses for him and defend him. until i decided to go home for my dads birthday  and also to talk to him so i told my bf that were going to separate for a while and i'm going to stay with my parents to convince them that my baby is going to have a very responsible father,at first it went ok not until my parents took my cp and we don't have any communication anymore.but i assure him that i will be faithful to him no matter what.but what i don't know is my mom texted him and tell him lies and even told him that they will kill him for being such an irresponsible guy that he's old enough to look for a job but he always refuses. until on august 21,2007 i gave birth to a baby girl.and a months after i tried to contact him on his phone and we talk as if nothing happened im so happy coz everything still ok not until i opened my friendster i saw my bf's primary picture with another girl another girl so i called him and asked him whats that all about. he told me the truth that he was once so drunk with our friends in Davao and the girl was with them and they have one night stand, the girl even texted me that i will have to stop texting my bf coz i will just give them promblem and stuff..at that moment all i did was beg for my bf to split up with the girl and live with us with our baby but he did not instead he said he wont broke up with leah..i can't imagine how many buckets of tears i cried because of that. until one day i realize that hwy its not the end of the world for me i still have my baby to live for. i tried to seek for a job in order to support my baby . and as for carlo he did not even give even a peso for my baby..well i wont force him to do so..i can prove to him and his family that its not our lost that we are not part of his family now, and i can remember my sister sing the song to me "you made me stronger" and i told myself to live my heartaches behind and live for a better future with my family and my angel..me and my family are okay now and i have a baby who doesn't fail to make me smile even if i am so tired.mistakes build us as a strong person at least for me that's what i realized.

so guys i do hope u will learn something from my story here.better  follow your parents because they are the only person who wont turn there back on u whenever u lost everything you have.



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