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Back in high school, i fell in love with a girl. It was a process, not one of those 'falling in love at first sight' sort of things. I really loved her with all my heart and i thought she felt the same too. All the things she said and did will probably stay with me forever. We both knew we liked each other, it was just that both of us were really timid and shy. So with school almost over i decided to tell her how i felt. I wrote her a letter, telling her that i loved her no matter what. If she had said 'yes' i was going to ask her to marry me. I thought she was the one... and then she broke my heart. I felt used, stupid and worthless, so much so that i wanted to die. I just didn't want to exist anymore.

After high school, i thought I'd never see her again. Then we ended up going to the same college, in which i have to see her every morning. I don't know which sucks more; seeing her and knowing that I'll never be with her OR never seeing her at all. I guess i just gotta do with what God has given me. I never want to marry anyone, unless it's her. I'd do anything to make her happy but i guess she'll never know that. Everyday i wake up and i put on this mask infront of my friends but I'm still sad inside and nobody knows it but me. Maybe things will never get better. I guess no one knows... 

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