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Killing concern

I actually dont know why I am writing this one.

I just wanted to ease the pain I felt because of not being able to hold him


God..! I actually dont know how that bleeding moment happened...

It was Saturday night when I was doing my projects when suddenly I recieved a call from Enzo , asking if Im okay, If where I am , who I am with, and what Im doing..loosing all my temper I sterted to bubbled and I yelled at him


" For God's sake! Im not a baby to be guarded on 24-11 Enzo! Im not a kid anymore!  Know what? I am tired of being your baby! Hello? are you afraid of loosing me or what? your are almost killing me Enzo!"


He asked me whats wrong but I didnt give him a chance to finish talking.


" Once and for all...Im tired! I know this relationship would no longer work...youre now free..."


he started to plead and it hurts me so much knowing that he is crying(bayot! kasakit ba uroy! har har murag mistisa!) " what? Its not like that Enzo..I dont have any man at all...what? oh shit! Youre idiot! ( agai kah...huhuhu...fix me plz..Im broken..ngee kalain!)


to continue.....



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