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Waiting for time.

September 14, 2008 it's when it all started. He was my Ex boyfriend friend, i know it sounds cruel and mean, but it was never my attention to fall for him. I knew him from school and also seeing him around my town.Early September i would see him everywhere, so i decided to add him on myspace. we spoke and i gave him my screen name. Ever since then we have been inseparable. We have this connection that i have never had with any other boy, not even my ex that i been with for almost 4 years. its indescrible to explain how i feel when I'm with this kid. But of course there's always ups and down.

I had a friend name Rachel that worked with him and she knew about us. and i trusted her . Around November things went down hill and we decided to stop talking because "i was pushing him to be with me, and he wasn't ready for a relationship" , and also because my ex had found out about us. but he deny it to him.

The end of November i had went to a Honda day event, i knew i was going see him there, but he wasn't alone . I saw him with MY FRIEND Rachel.

Being the bigger person , i left it like that.

We eventually started talking again because I'm really cool with his bestfriend. One night we decided to take a drive and talk. we spoke about everything that has been happening, with him being with her and he told me how he felt about me. He said i was his kryptonite , and that he missed me.

i tryed to play it cool and acted like whatever because i have been hurt by him before. We had left it as whatever happens, happens.

When me and him  started being more than just friends, i told him its either her or me. Threw time , it was only me in the picture.

But she would still call him and stalk him, she even scratched my car because she had seen it outside his house.


Hopefully this time she's out of the picture , and we had our long serious talk and its just me and him no one else, no third person.

Im just scared what would happen if my ex would found out about us, would he deny me again? or would he take it to another level? When will he finally be ready to be my boyfriend .

im just here waiting for time , because you'll do whatever it take to wX

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