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Moving on

i was in third year high school when we became friends.hes a very cute,gentleman,funny and caring one.every time we take our recess we are always together.he had his own  circles of friends so am i. he had a crush.we had a good memories together.he went to our house. my family knew him and his family knew me also.when we entered senior year i learned that he has a gf its okay for me because i don't have any feelings for him.for me he is just a friend.we had our picture together when we graduated.when we entered college we gone with our separate ways i entered into an exclusive school for girls and i lived in a dormitory. long time he never visited me b because he don't know my place.When second sem opened its all ,he'started visiting me.after his first visit it became always.my dormates told me that he Will be a good boyfriend but i told them i will never learn to love him more than just a friend.he is nothing compare to my crush. But i was wrong when i said that because i hearts go found of him everytime i saw his face.in short  i  begin to fall in love with him my other friends told me that i have to admit my feelings before him but i dont want because my feelings might hurt because i knew that he love someone else. i hid my feelings  before him but there came a time that i cant hide it anymore i 've got to tell him.right this is the right time when he visited me i mgave him already a hint about my feelings for him, before he said goodbye i told him that no matter what happened just remember that he is special for me then  i said i love you.into my surprised he replied i love you too.we  were at the front of the chapel that time.i calle dhim that day and told him that i really love him and asked me if he love me too but he said he does not love me .my heart torn into pieces that time but it's ok thats life.everytime i to0ld myself i dont love him aymore the more my heart says i miss him .But he told that eventhough i tolod him that i love him there will never have changes i mwill be his friend.until now that iam about to graduaTE I KNOW I LOVE HIM BUT IAM TRYING MY BEST TO FORGET HIM .MOVING ON IS HARD BUT I HAVE TO UNDERGO.Maybe i will always be his friend forever but for me iam always looking forward that someday he will learn to love by the way he has a gf and i know he love her gf so much.We dont know what lies ahead iam just a girl mwho is hoping to be loved by his friend and if times grant this maybe i will be happy!!!!

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