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I thought Chad was heaven sent..

I was a bartender, and Chad walked through the door one night. I loved him the minute I laid eyes on him. He smiled and soon passed his number over the counter..We were together everyday after that. He would open doors, and pull  my chair out.He was almost perfect at first. He asked me to marry him, but I was scared. He had a drug problem, and I would not put my kids through that. Chad went to rehab when he got home he started cheating on me with Rosa. I was so hurt i moved 2100 miles away...I came back, he had moved to another city.We were dating, but he was still seeing Rosa. Every time he made love to me I told Rosa.She left him. I thought we would be okay. He was living about 100 miles from me. I would take that long ride to his house to bring him to NA meetings several times a week. I am an idiot. Everything he has I bought for him....I found out Chad had been meeting women online.He was cheating again.We had a fight, he kicked me in my ribs... I punched him in the head. The police came...I feel like my heart will never mend, while he acts so happy with this new person..When does the pain end? I hope its soon....Samantha

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